Say No! More

Say No! More is a One-Button-Game that is all about saying “No!” and a stolen lunchbox. Defend yourself against mean colleagues and bosses, find mixtapes, discover the “Power of Friendship”, and learn to say “No!” more!

The Story

Say No! More is about our shyness to say “No!”.

„Of course I’ll come to the party, I’m not boring.”

„I will help you with everything you need, I am not rude.”

„Of course I make coffee, I’m just an intern …”

In a world where the word “No!” has been virtually banished, you start an internship in a company run by arrogant people. Everyone is convinced that the value of a person is defined only by their professional experience. And of course, you only get these through regular “Yes!” – saying!

After being mobbed by colleagues and supervisors and used as a “yes”-puppet, you’ll find an old self-help tape titled Say No! More. In addition to the helpful hints from Coach, the “No!”-expert, driving songs motivate you to finally say “No!”! By finding more cassettes, your “No!” becomes stronger, louder and bigger! You face your bullies, inspire other employees and finally destroy the evil gang of abusive superiors and CEOs.

But despite all this confidence and strength: Will you be able to say “No!” to your best friend?

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